Volunteer Roles

2024 (Last Revised: 2024-02-26)

Greeters / Acculturation

Introduce participants to our culture and values. Welcome and guide participants upon arrival, answer various participant questions.

Inclusion Experts

Recruiting the larger community to join us in camp activities

Mutant Vehicle

Ensure participant safety by directing & maintaining art car / traffic

Fire Pit/Safety

Maintain fire and fire safety


Set up, maintain and tear down physical infrastructure

MOOP Patrol

Leave No Trace — help our participants restore the land to how we found it


Coordinate the placement of main things at the event


Monitor to ensure entertainment standards and neighborhood satisfaction


Maintain and monitor usage

Decor & Furniture

Provides overall camp aesthetic

Check Out

Confirm participant MOOP/area status prior to departure

Ice Runner

Monitor cooler(s) and make ice runs

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm, Sunday: noon-6pm

Crushed: $10 for 16lbs, Blocks: $5 for 7lbs

Sold at Center Camp, 3:00 + G, and 9:00 + G


Set up/prep for Family Meals

Daily. Exact times TBD

Clean up